In simple terms, Geopathology is the study of nature of earthlines, underground water courses, earthfaults and energy vortexes, and their effect on our health and well-being. Geopathic Stress (GS) is a term that includes harmful energies of all kinds, natural grids, earth fault lines and water veins, as well as the detrimental effects on living things that result when the natural frequency of the earth is distorted by natural or certain man-made radiation. The resulting “negative earth energies”, as they are often termed, can result in discomfort and even cancer.


Earth is a giant electromagnet; its core produces natural electric currents and magnetic field. This natural Earth Radiation can be distorted by other weak electromagnetic fields — caused by various underground formations such as water veins, natural grids, radioactive mineral deposit, geological fault lines and cavities — as it rises through the earth.


Geopathic Stress can also result from electromagnetic fields produced by power lines, electrical wiring, lighting, domestic appliances (clocks, computers, microwave sets, radios and TVs), telephones (cellular phones) and power-related equipment (electrical generators, transformers and pylons).


It is suggested that the Earth has a natural vibration, but features like underground watercourses, drainage pipes, underground tunnels and even simple geological faults distort this vibration. Such distorted vibrations are held to rise upwards through the Earth’s surface and create an pernicious effect on the health and/or behaviour of all biological life. The resulting “negative earth energies”, as they are often termed, can result in discomfort and even cancer.


Geopathic stress suppresses the immune function, shutting down the body’s natural defense system, effect of heart rate and blood pressure, thereby facilitating illness/cancer.


The energy emitted by the earth at a specific surface location which affects the normal human body function is termed as Geopathic Stress (GS). Empirical knowledge of the existence of Geopathic Stress is probably as old as mankind.


Geopathic Stress blot out these signals so strongly that the flow of information to the cells, glands and organs is affected or stopped. This has an adverse effect on the body. The stronger the disturbance, the weaker the flow of information and the more marked the symptoms and pains become.


Geopathic Stress has a strong effect on the correct functioning of the lymphatic system. The lymph fluid transports lymphocytes and antibodies, which are continuously patrolling through the body, ready to fight and destroy any foreign cells, such as bacteria, viruses or cancer cells. If the lymphatic system is not healthy, it is unable to destroy foreign cells, thus enabling cancer cells to grow and multiply. In other words, your whole immune system is weakened.


Exposure to Geopathic Stress might initially manifest as a relentless exhaustion; restless sleep or insomnia; persistent headaches; recurrent colds, viral or fungal infections; depression; heightened allergic responses; and the inability to heal or recover from sickness or respond to treatment. The gradual effects of Geopathic Stress and Electromagnetic Radiation can lead to a slow deterioration in the health of individuals who are exposed to such stress. Geopathic Stress is one of the primary causes of serious long-term physical illness and psychological conditions.



Dr. TongEs PhD, FRSPH

First Geopathologist in Malaysia
Fellow of The Royal Society for Public Health (UK)

Chief Researcher
Geopathology Research Institute, Singapore


Research Director
Geopathology Research Centre, Malaysia


Eminent Board of Expert
Research Institute of Geopathology Sciences,
China Academy of Management Science


China National Precedential of Sinology


Doctoral Member
United Kingdom Association of Professionals


Consultant Member
United Kingdom Association of Internationale de Numerologues (AIN)


Reiki Master Practitioner
United States International Center for Reiki Training (ICRT)

Dr Tong is the first geopathologist in Malaysia. His career has been spent in research and consultancy role. He is an author of ‘Talents Big Data’, learns and teaches on numerology since 2009, he has helped and inspired more than 42,000 people to discover who they really are and increase their quality of life in China, Singapore and Malaysia. He starts his research on the study of geopathology and environmental health in 2016, serving as geopathologist and geo consultant of various corporations such as medical centres, insurance companies, health companies, factories, schools and cemeteries etc.


His track record is proven by the general public and his popularity has attracted major media to interview him – like the Malaysian Oldest Chinese Newspaper ‘Kwong Wah Yit Poh’, ‘International Times Newspaper’, China ‘Nova Weekly Magazine’, China Guangdong Radio ‘FM103.6’, China ‘Guangdong TV’ live talk, Cambodia ‘Hua Shang News’, Singapore Radio Capital ‘FM95.8’ and ‘Guang Ming Daily’ etc.

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