Geopathology Research Institute is established to raise the awareness and conduct research activities specifically focusing on the harmful energy wave originated from the underneath of earth (earth radiation). The word ‘geopathology’ derives from the Greek words, the meaning of “earth”, and “pathic” comes from ‘pathos’ meaning disease or suffering. “Geopathic” therefore connotes disease of the earth, “pathology” meaning of symptoms or sicknesses as a result of all conditions, processes or results of disease.


The negative impact of the geological faults on human is recognized by World Health Organisation in causing people to fall sick and affecting our bodily immune system. In some scenarios, it may even cause cancer. The fact about the negativity of environmental factor on health is further supported by the Dulwich Health Society of UK, whereas the report has indicated that a total of 95% of cancer patients and 80% of women who miscarry live in a Geopathic Stress environment. Generally, these various harmful energy wave or deemed as earth radiation are generated far underneath of the earth and the radiation is far reaching on to the surface and exerting its effects on human.


Our mission is to provide the professional advice that could help people in enhancing their health with nil known side effect. On the same time, assisting those needy groups of people especially the cancer patients, by evading & dodging harmful energy wave intelligently.


Our services not only comply with those private sectors but also gives full support to multi-national organisations and charity organisations such as Persatuan Kebajikan Orang Kurang Upaya Impian and Persatuan Sahabat Kanak-kanak Kanser Willayah Utara, Hospitals, Health Centres, Research Institutes, Schools and Cemetery which up to date (2019) beneficial more than 400 cases in Southeast Asia countries.


Estimations from experts indicate that approximately 70% of the population is affected by geopathic fields, without being aware of it. Studies reveal that, without exception, all patients with chronic disorders show evidence of exposure to electrical or geological disturbance fields. Included among these groups are cancer patients. Since this is not accounted for in doctor’s examinations, the causes are neither identified nor eliminated, illnesses remain chronic. The consequences: Under this stress, the health system is no longer financially affordable, and it resorts to unsuitable measures at the cost of the patient; keyword “health reform”.


To successfully practice geopathology today, one needs to know much more than even 50 years ago, let alone 5,000 years. The word aware might be more appropriate. It is about developing a complex (and intelligent) kind of vision, where you look at a variety of environmental factors that can influence your well-being and know how to define a clear order of priorities for yourself and your family.


Understanding the location and movement of the unseen earth energies and how they influence human’s well-being is called geopathology. It is basically the knowledge of utilizing healing earth energies and avoiding potentially harmful ones when building any type of structure. This knowledge has been used in old cultures all over the world.